May Cervia up to September will become once more the City Garden also entertaining this year a lot of experienced artists in to plan and to create fable gardens with a floral show of tall relief where thousand of plants and ornamental flowers will be used you systematize in fanciful and original way making so even more beautiful the city romagnola, the everything can be admired both during the day and to the night in how much it will be enough to walk along the streets of the center to give him a real party for the senses, garish colors and intoxicating perfumes mentally bringing us to dream some scenographies that can make us remember Alice in the country of the wonder with great butterflies composed by thousand of flowers and plants

For the impassioned ones and the experts this event offers them the opportunity to learn new techniques and formality of intervention using methods and novelty in the management of the public green and deprived really in the month of the flowerings the numerous green areas of the city marinara are filled with endless chromatic notes that transmit even more us the desire in summer of fun and graces to the known olfattives you/he/she can be imagined closing for an instant the eyes an immense garden full of flowers of every kind.

For the whole month of May there will be floral preparations to make the most important and suggestive show to the best to sky open of flowers day to be signalled for this event is the opening that the ventiseimaggio will develop him and during everything that weeks end there will be a great show market of plants and flowers, bonsai, cried fat, produced natural, I furnish for external denominated Green market while during the preceding weekend a show market of the new varieties of roses will be introduced.

The tourists that will decide to participate to this demonstration both to level of spectators that as real artists can choose among the innumerable hotel structures where you/they can find as always relax, comfort and cordiality both to the opening of the show that should coincide with the first stays of the by now near summer for then to arrive in the heart of the beloved summer season spending the hours of the day in one of the so many stretched out bathing establishments on a comfort I lay down sipping one of the so many base fruit's appetizers even embellished with some flower for then to spend the evening hours dining in one of the restaurants of Cervia listening to good music for then to let loose once more in some pubs or local alternative.

All this is found him/it in the stupendous coast romagnola energy's symbol, solarità and fun.